Webinars Service


Full broadcasting flexibility to promote your company

Share your webcam, your screen desktop, your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation... anything!

Broadcast to your audience exactly what you want, whenever you want.

You're in full control of what you want to display in your webinar: switch back and forth between different video signals: a slide presentation, your screen desktop, your webcam, any specific application running on your computer, a Word or PDF document, etc.

This flexibility empowers you to customise your webinar event as you wish, while adding a touch of personality. For example: you could broadcast your PowerPoint to run through a presentation, and then you could switch to your webcam signal to address any question your audience may have, and finally switch the broadcast sign to your desktop to run a software tutorial. All with the click of a mouse.

Consult, teach, communicate, sell... engage!

Consult, teach, communicate, sell... engage!

Whatever online marketing you do, Webinars are simply the best way to connect with your audience. Webinars allow you to chat in real time with your attendees, take their questions, cast polls and surveys, display promotional offers, send and respond to private messages, etc.

Everything you need to connect and engage with your audience... right there with the click of mouse!

You create the content, or we can guide you in creating it, and we help you fill up the room!

You create the content, or we can guide you in creating it, and we help you fill up the room!

Do other webinar services give you Traffic to your webinars? Our Webinar service does! This is a free feature we offer to our customers: you can list your webinar in our Webinars On Demand Marketplace: a place where people who love attending, learning and buying from webinars can visit to stay on the cutting edge.

A place where someone can go to see "what's on the air" at any given time... further bringing more people into your webinars!

No matter whether you teach, sell or present in your webinars, chances are that you want to pack the room with as many attendees as possible. We help you filling it up!

Play your replays exactly as they happened live!

Play your replays exactly as they happened live!

Forget about the same old, tired, boring Webinar Replays that everyone else is doing... Our Replays lets you recreate the same excitement of your live webinar by "replicating" all the good moments that happened during your live presentation... EXACTLY as they happened!

Everything that happened during your live presentation is replicated and re-presented during your Replay, perfectly in sync with the recorded video/audio signal. And you can engage with your audience live during the replays!

Plus we can also help you set recurring webinars. For example: Every Tuesday at 6:00 pm, or the 1st and 15th day of every month for a total of 6 month, etc.


As all projects are tailor-made to suit your online needs, do contact us to discuss your plans for your webinar campaign and we'll quote you a price for producing and broadcasting it.